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At the crossroads of the Middle East and the West, OktoEcho offers a modern reading of free trade through music…


Under the artistic direction of the composer Katia Makdissi-Warren, OktoEcho consists of 13 improviser-musicians of international calibre…


Each member contributes – through his or her experience and cultural background (world music, classical, jazz, etc.) – to a multicultural melding creating a new musical language.

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Release : November 2009 | Band Camp

For performances scheduled for Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 (the production is presented as part of the Montreal Arts Council Tour event), an animated video created by illustrator and comic artist JEIK Dion will be screened on stage. In addition, JEIK will do live drawing (speed painting) on two pieces of the program of his choice, making each concert unique.


• Conductor : Katia Makdissi-Warren • Guest Musician (on audio recording) : Michel Mirjeh Baklouk (rirqq)

• Soloists (on audio recording) : Ismail Hakki Fencioglu (oud et chant) | Ralda Salem (nay et vocals | Marianne Trudel (piano) | Patrick Graham (percussions) | Alexandre Duguay (violin)

• Musicians (on audio recording) : Michelle Seto , Valérie Belzile , Annie Guénette (violins), Frédérique Lambert (alto), Carla Antoun (cello), Etienne Lafrance

• Musicians who also participated in the eponymous concert : Nicolas Lessard (bass), Bertil Schulrabe (percussions), Dominic Painchaud (cello), Éric Breton (percussions), Zoé Dumais (violin), Lizann Gervais (violin), Marie-Hélène Breault (flute)

• Composers : Katia Makdissi-Warren | Gabriel Evangelista | Anthony Rosankovic | Elia Saba | Alexandre Grogg

• Live drawing : JEIK Dion