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Transcestral represents transmission, ancestral memories, and musical creation. Echoing celebrations of pow wow and sacred dances from around the world, the performance reflects  our collective desire to connect with one another and with the earth.                                                                                          

The music for Transcestral is not necessarily sacred music, but it draws inspiration from the sacred music of Indigenous earth-based ceremonies and Sufi ritual and prayer. Points of collective  exploration are earth,  healing, lineage, transmission,  transformation, trance and honouring the directions.


Eya-Hey Nakoda (pow wow drummers)    Nina Segalowitz (Inuit throat singer)   Joséphine Bacon (Innu poet)  

Barbara Diabo (Mohawk dancer)    Leticia Vera (Métisse Nahau dancer)    Anouar Berada (Sufi vocalist)  

Nazih Borish (oud)    Didem Basar (qanun)    Tanya Evenson (whirling dervish)  

Bertil Schulrabe (percussion)    Mohamed Raky (percussion)    Michel Dubeau (flutes) 

• Jérôme Beaulieu (piano)    Christian Prévost, Valérie Belzile, Amina Tebini & Carla Antoun (string quartet) 

Katia Makdissi-Warren (oud, composition and direction)    Moe Clark (Métis singer, spoken word, direction) 

  Saïd Mesnaouai (Gnawa hajouj, vocalist)    Rachid Zeroual (nay)

Ziya Tabassian (percussion) 


• Le Devoir, Le cercle, la transe, Yves Bernard.

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