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A true hymn to life, the 24 artists of Transcestral express the common perpetual quest for harmony between man and nature, inspired by the music and sacred dances of Sufi and Aboriginal traditions in Canada.

November 8th - 6pm - Théâtre Maisonneuve

Come to see our show at

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Booking - France Gaignard


Crédit : Michel Pinault


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Katia Makdissi-Warren - oud and artistic direction

Nina Segalowitz - Inuit throat singer

Buffalo Hat Singers/Norman Achneepineskum - pow wow drum and voice

Anouar Berrada - Sufi singer

 Clark - Métis singer and poetry

Josephine Bacon - Innu poetry

Barbara Diabo - Mohawk dancer 

Tanya Evanson - whirling dervish

Bertil Schulrabe - percussion

Mohamed Raky - percussion

Firas Haddad - percussion

Eric Breton - percussion

Khalil Moqadem - oud

Didem Basar - qanun

Marianne Trudel - piano

David Ryshpan - piano

Etienne Lafrance - double bass 

Michel Dubeau - flutes

Ziad Chbat - nay

Nuné Mélik - violin

Valérie Belzile - violin

Amina Tebini - viola

Carla Antoun - cello

Crédit : Mario Faubert

Crédit : Claude Dufresne

Crédit : Michel Pinault


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Crédit : Michel Pinault

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Crédit : Mario Faubert

Crédit : Michel Pinault


Gala de l'ADISQ 2022 : Album of the Year - World Music,
Canadian Folk Music Awards: Musical Innovation Award,
Canadian Folk Music Awards : Director of the year - Katia M.-W.


Global Musical Award : Silver Medal – World Indigenous
Global Musical Award : Silver Medal : Band of the year
Global Musical Award : Silver Medal : Album of the year

Concert of the Year - World Music - (Opus Prize)

Concert of the Year - Montreal (Opus Prize)

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"Dazzling album!" - Philippe Renaud 

January 22nd, 2022

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"It has everything that makes an excellent world music album... a beautiful message and a seductive vision of the future." (translated) - Frederic Cardin 

November 26th 2021


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